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How it Works

So, exactly how do you use RelevancyRank to improve your content?

Using the writer is the simplest way to get started with RelevancyRank.

  1. Visit the writer by logging into your account.
  2. Type the keyword or keywords, comma separated, into the keyword field.
  3. Type the content (or copy and paste) into the large text area.
  4. Press the “Analyze” button to get back your score and recommended keywords.

Using the WordPress Plugin can be one of the easiest ways to update content on your pre-existing site, and incorporate RelevancyRank into your workflow.

  1. Download the WordPress Plugin
  2. Unzip the WordPress Plugin
  3. Upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site
  4. Visit the Plugins page in your WordPress Admin panel and active the plugin
  5. Copy and paste your API key into the Settings
  6. Visit any POST and use the “Analyze” Button

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No matter what point of development you’re at, depending on what you’re after, we can help you with your branding (such as a logo and business cards), website, advertising and much more.